how fast does men’s hair grow 100%

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Today’s article we will talk about how fast does men’s hair grow. often people have the problem of hair burning .

We often discuss friends how to prevent hair fall and how to make hair good.

how fast does men’s hair grow 100%

5 Tips to get hair grow faster


CORTISOL :- Cortisol is the biggest enemy for your hair growth. In our body positive and negative hormone both here.

Positive hormone are TESTOSTERONE AND HUMAN growth hormone but Cortisol is a negative hormone for our body.

how cortisol are produce ?

  2. DRUGS like steroids
  4. medicine

If you doing this it will produce high cortisol. High cortisol damage your hair roots and stop hair growth.

How to reduce cortisol level ?

Follicle health is affected because of stress, Reduce cortisol level first you you want to reduce stress.

Rules to reduce stress :- MEDITATION

Meditation is a powerful method to reduce stress level, If you doing 15 minute only daily in your life diffidently your cortisol level decrease and increase hair growth rate.

HARD WATER :- Hard water damage hair and digestive system

Inside hard water many of chemicals here it continuously damage your hair follicles and your digested system and stop your hair growth.

Avoid hard water always use soft water, soft water increase your hair growth.

DIET :- your diet is responsible for your body and for your hair growth


These nutrients help to increase your hair health


These nuts help to increase Vitamin E in your body.

VITAMIN A :- Use orange color fruits like oranges, Mango, papaya, Egg yoke

These help to increase Vitamin A in your body.

Vitamin A is very important for your hair growth and your eyes,

PROTECT YOUR MOISTURE COATING : – If you using Wax , Gel, Hair Dryer, Hair color, use daily then this decrease your moisture coating from your hair,

Moisture coating is very important for your hair health

Wrong shampoo is also affect your hair always use SULPHATE and PARABEN Free.

Use organic shampoo apply two to three times in a week

(Re command product) :- WOW skin science onion shampoo +conditioner


Everyone feels insecurity . It’s a part of our lives , which are filled ucertainty, no maters how much we want to get rid of that uncertainty .

We often use the term ‘insecure’ to negatively label a person who doubts themselves, but in truth, no one is free from feeling insecure, Build your confidence level.

how fast does men’s hair grow :- Is it possible for men to grow their hair faster, on an average rate of half an inch per month, or about six inches per year

Most important exercise for hair growth faster :-

  1. Jogging
  2. Neck exercise
  3. Scalp massage
  4. Rubbing your nails
  5. Breathing exercise
  6. Lifting your legs
  7. Acupuncture

Running :-

Running allows you to sweat, which can be a good thing because the sweat opens the holes in your head and helps to remove all the harmful toxins from the hair.

Cardio exercises such as running can help increase blood circulation to the scalp and this circulation promotes healthy hair growth. It is recommended that you run for at least half an hour daily for the best benefits that come with this exercise.


One of the most important and easy exercises for our head. Another strategy to improve hair growth is to give yourself a relaxing massage and effective head work. Not only will the scalp massage be relaxed, but you will also get out of it with hair that looks strong and healthy. Skin massage helps to increase blood flow to the scalp, which circulates all the essential nutrients in the hair follicles, which in turn promotes hair growth in the long run.

Neck exercises

Moving your head and neck sideways, as well as the front and back may seem like a great way to promote hair growth. Stretching the neck muscles can also help with hair growth by relieving any of the underlying stress and stress on the surrounding muscles. As blood circulation improves in these areas, increased blood flow works to increase hair growth and to combat any damage caused by hair.


This is an unusual practice to rejuvenate and promote hair health. Medications have been shown to be effective in reducing hair loss. Exercise works to promote pressure points on our fingers that promote healthy hair, and thus include hair growth.

Exercise face down

This can be one of the most interesting head exercises to increase hair growth and help grow hair properly. It may seem that you will have to keep looking down. While the concept is true, the process of doing this is different. Using your head, you will balance your body on the yoga mat. However, a word of caution: Don’t try to do this without help if you have a neck injury. Take the time to find this out well. This may take some time, so be patient.

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Rubbing your nails

Acupressure points in our body can lead to good hair growth when properly treated. Pressing these points rejuvenates the hair follicles and improves blood circulation to the scalp. Acupressure points associated with hair growth are found on the fingers under the nails. Massage of these points can help restore hormones that promote hair growth and dark hair. In addition to treating hair loss, you will be happy to know that nail polish remover can help reduce hair loss and premature haircuts. If you press the acupressure points often enough, the hair roots provide the necessary energy for hair growth on the scalp.


Kapalbhati pranayama is a well-known yoga technique that helps keep your body breathing, while strengthening your abdominal muscles and your abdomen at the same time. Thus, it can supply the scalp with all the oxygen it needs to repair damaged hair and help new hair to grow. It is also known to treat hair loss problems.

Lift your legs

Lifting your legs in the air and holding them while regulating thyroid function and giving the head a good blood supply. This test is good for people affected by hair loss and baldness due to hormonal imbalances.

These important exercise increase men’s hair grow fast definitely.

Which food is important for men’s hair grow ?

  1. Eggs – are a great source of protein and biotin
  2. Berries
  3. spinach
  4. fatty fish
  5. sweet potatoes
  6. Avocados
  7. nuts
  8. seed

Which fruit is important for men’s hair growth ?

  1. Blueberries
  2. broccoli
  3. guava
  4. kiwi fruits
  5. oranges
  6. papaya