how to style men’s curly hair in 2021

we all know that curly hair isn’t the easiest to manage. we use different and different types of product, more and different types of product it will damage our hair.

Your curls will add volume and texture to any hairstyle without any product or so much effort.

So question is (how to style men’s curly hair?) Is it possible?

Yes it is possible, In this article you can learn how to style men’s curly hair.

how to style men's curly hair


No’ matter what you choose to go with the key to keeping your curly hair look its very best is to lock in moisture.

Important tips for men with curly hair :-

Proper Haircut :-

Hair cut is very important for manage curly hair, ‘No matter which type you have a good haircut helps to manage hair curls’.

Go to a decent hair salon and getting a new fresh haircut.

The best haircut for a men with curly hair is dependent on strength of curl and how much volume you have.

Curly hair needs to be trimmed every month at least two times.

2. forget High alcohol styling products

There are many types of product available in market with high alcohol, When we use different and different types of product on hair it’s very harmful of hair.

It’s damage continuously our hair and head skull.

So’ Avoid high alcohol styling product

3. Shampoo & conditioner :-

The main purpose of shampoo is to remove dirt and oil from the surface of the hair scalp, some commercial shampoos may have additional components to control dandruff and condition hair.

While the main purpose of conditioner is to ensure that hair is smooth for combing.

How to use shampoo?

The best way to wash your curly hair is with 100 % sulfate free shampoo, choose shampoos that use natural oils as alternatives.

Shampoo only once every 2-3 days to keep hair from getting dry.

4. Your shower Technique

In the morning routine shampoo once every 2- 3 times in a week to keep hair from growing dry, and use a moisturizing conditioner and cut back frizz. you can even skip the rinse to have it function as leave conditions.

one step out of the shower, avoid a vigorous rub with your towel/

Gently patting hair dry leave a little moisture, and keep your curls together.

If your goal and tidy curls, you have to bring some firepower. use a high hold matte finish styling product , and work it in from the roots when your hair is still damp.

Once your hair is dry, the product block out humidity , and help your curls maintain their shape while keeping them close your scalp.

Types of men’s curly hair example :-

  1. short type curly hair
  2. long type curly hair

How to style short type curly hair?

short men's curly hair
short type curly hair

In this method your learn how to manage short hair curls

  • If you have tight curls then keep your hair cropped – Tight curls are noticeable even when your haircut is short . Ask your hair stylist to crop your hair if you want to maintain a clean appearance.
  • Get your hair cut when it dry.
  • Get an undercut – Trim the side and back of your head shorter and leave your curls on top.
  • If your want to try straight hair for a while ask your stylist.
  • Don’t be aggressive when you use a towel. If you have a time let your hair dry.

how to style long type hair curls ?

long men's curly hair
long type curly hair

If you have long curly hair, you already know that it tends to be drier than straight hair , more prone to getting frizzy, and that humid conditions can further complicate these issues.

As a counter, there are general hair care steps and products that are applicable to all long curly hair types :

  1. Shampooing hair to keep it clean
  2. conditioner
  3. Use wax for styling hair.

Which hairstyle suite for long and short curly hair?

Top 5 Best long and short haircut for curly hair names :-

Short curly hairstyle :-

  • Curly hair + Quiff
  • hair + Tight curls
  • Curly Hair + Short Afro
  • Slicked Back
  • Beach curls
  • Curly hair + fringe
  • under cut curly hair

Long curly hairstyle :-

  • Curly hair + lob
  • Glossy curls
  • Man bun
  • Messy curls
  • Curly hair + Bob
  • Dreadlocks
  • Curly hair + Disheveled

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Learn what is your hair type?

Before you can start caring for your hair , first you learn what type of hair you have. Different type require different ways of grooming.

 curly hair type

Type 1 . Straight – your hair straight on its own it grows out.

Type 2. wavy – This type can range from fine to coarse. This hair makes “s” when it’s longer

Type 3 . coiled – most coiled hair frizzes

Type 4 . Kinky – This type is when you get an texture. you might also have tight, small curls that spring from your scalp.

These are the types of hair you can figure out what’s your hair type now you can choose your hair type haircut.

FQA : –

Q 1 Is curly hair more attractive ?

It’s Depends on you, but in general according to several studies backed by statistics, Curly haired people are indeed considered more attractive than people with straight.

Several experiential studies were conducted in which most people preferred curly or wavy haired people over straight hair especially men.

Q 2 What are the best hairstyle for naturally curly hair ?

These are the top 5 hairstyle –

  1. Long layered haircut
  2. Ombre curls
  3. mid length curls
  4. messy curls
  5. Bouncy curls

Q 3 Should men oil their hair daily ?

Many of people do oil in everyday on hair but we don’t need oiling reguraly.

Q 4 Can every man grow long hair /

Yes every men can grow their long hair but for it they have to care it more use only good quality product and eating only useful food.

Conclusion :-

In this blog you can learn how to style a men’s curly hair

  1. Important tips for men’s curly hair
  2. Types of curly hair
  3. long and short haircut names
  4. Hair types
  5. most searched question

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