Powerful 20 abs workout for teenage guys & Gym 2021

Top 20 abs workout for teenage guys & Gym 2021
Top 20 abs workout for teenage guys & Gym 2021

Abs workout for teenage guys with six packs does not start and end with sitting down. As any proud owner of six packs of abs will attest, it takes more than just endless crunches, twists and sit-ups to achieve your cobblestone core goal.

In fact, you may want to leave crunches together if you want to be smart in your six-packs.

Warning: when it comes to exercise with the abs below, you will want to be relieved with a feeling of discomfort. While there is nothing as harmful as the day after you blitz your core in the gym, the results are always worth the pain.

5 Min Powerful 20 abs workout for teenage guys & Gym 2021 video 🙂

5 min Powerful 20 abs workout for teenage guys & Gym 2021

Abs, you see, is more than just a selected chest and excuses for wearing a tight T-shirt, and is one of the most important tissues in your body and having a strong spine will help your strength in other lifts.

It helps numbers on bench presses, high activity, squatting and squares go up and improve your recovery.

While helping you maintain good posture and eliminate back pain.

Therefore, it is safe to say that ab exercises deserve as much time and attention as any other muscle group in your body, so it is important to do the right exercises. Here’s how.

What you Learn in this article? :-

1. what are the Benefits of abs workout for men ?

2. Anatomy for your Abs workout for men.

3. Top 10 Abs workout for teenage guys at Home.

4. Top 10 abs workout for teenage guys at Gym.

5. Best Abs workout for teenage guys.

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What are the Benefits of Abs workout for
teenage guys (men)? :-

Getting visible abs is just a matter of ice when it comes to training your core. There are probably many benefits to having a central fenced area that works for almost everyone – whether you’re swearing at a 5 K weekend, are you a dedicated Cross Fit fan or just want speed, durability and durability. Here are just a few.

You will hit back with exercise ab: In 2016, according to the National Bureau of Statistics, approximately 31m working days were lost in the UK due to muscle problems including back pain, medical and appropriate costs estimated at £ 12.3bn a year.

The solution, thankfully, is much cheaper. The goal-oriented training regime – these 4 repetitive exercises work very well – can relieve back pain, a Canadian study shows, with standing posture-like exercises that are more beneficial than sitting or crunches.

You’ll hit a lot of personal bets: If your big lifts are up, it’s probably your (lacking) accessory function and weak backbone that is holding you back.
A strong midsection will be a solid foundation on which your compound moves will expand, helping you lift heavy weights for more reps, generate more energy for your body and keep your back safe.

ABS workout at home for men video :-

Abs workout for men at home

Your condition will improve with ab exercise: Simply put, basic training can help you to stay upright. A study in Isokinetics and Exercise Science found that men who took three pilates three times a week for two months saw significant improvements in testing and strengthening the back strength.

You’ll have a better balance:
“A strong core keeps your chest stable whenever you move, whether you’re playing sports or just doing certain activities,” says sports health expert J.Christopher Mendler, M.D. for men’s health. This will translate into your training and daily commute.

You will be faster using ab exercises: Research in the journal Kinesiology has found that participants who perform spinal and instability exercises – such as TRX exercises and one-leg movements – can help you adjust more easily and faster.

Anatomy for your Abs workout for teenage guys (men):-

Anatomy for your abs workout for teenage guys
Abs workout for men

If you want to get rid of it, it helps to get the cells in your body. We’re not talking about graduating from sports science here, but more about knowing which part of your abs is active and where it is.

Upper Abs:-

Upper Abs workout
Upper Abs workout

To direct your upper abs, your goal is to focus on exercise that involves pulling your chest toward your waist. Sure, they’ll hit your whole core, but they’ll smoke your upper abs too. Here’s what you should try:

Leg, arm, finger, human leg, human body, elbow, shoulder, wrist, joint, posture,
Try: V-Ups

How to:

  1. Starting on your back, extend your legs and keep your arms at your side.
  2. With one movement, lift your upper body, arms and legs to balance your tail bone, creating a “V” shape.
  3. Lower your body.

Middle Abs:-

The ‘rectus abdominis’ part – your ‘six-pack’ muscles – the middle abs are important in pushing your spine and bringing your pelvis and ribcage closer together.

Get your moderate exercise well and you will be building a strong core from the walk.

Middle Abs workout
Middle Abs workout

How to:

  1. Lie on the floor and spread your legs in front of you and your feet together. Stretch your arms over your head
  2. Wipe your pelvis forward until your lower back fills the floor,
  3. To maintain this position on the lower back, lift the arms and legs a few inches from the ground to form a straight line from the fingers to the toes.

Lower Abs :-

Lower Abs workout
Lower Abs workout

Your lower abs are vital for maintaining strength across your whole core. for people losing weight, their lower abs are often the last to emerge. If you’re struggling too, here’s a quick coaching tip:

How to:

  1. Lie on your back with your heels close to your glutes.
  2. Tie your ankle, lift your shoulders down and reach down to touch your right heel with your right hand, then your left heel with the other hand. That’s one officer.

Why: This exercise is mainly aimed at the lower abs, oblique and hip flexors. By adjusting the distance between your heels and the glutes, you can make it harder or easier. Control the movement by making slow extensions to maintain tension.

Perfect Abs workout for men at home

Top 10 Abs workout for Teenage guys (men) at Home :-

Best Abs Workout for teenage guys (men) at home

1: Unilateral electrical power : Abs workout for teenage guys

This is good for targeting deep muscles and emphasizes good posture.

Unilateral  electrical power
Unilateral electrical power

Perform the following three rounds of exercise:

  1. 20 Rows of Dumbbell Renegade
  2. Over 20 Arm Arm Arm Dumbbell Extra with a twist (each side)
  3. Split squats (on each side)
  4. 30 Dumbbell Walking Labs (on each side)
  5. One 8-leg squats have Dumbbell Lateral Raise (weight on hand for active leg), each side
  6. 15 Single-leg Deadlift with upright (each side)
  7. A side plank with 15 dumbbell flyes, each side

Abs Workout 2: No crunch Workout-

There’s a lot of stability going on here, all of your core will be burning way more than your abs after a hundred crunches.

no crunch workout
No-crunch workout

Do three rounds of the following:

  1. Two False Bike Crunches With Overhead Dumbbell (hold the weight down, but don’t let it touch)
  2. 10 Push ups
  3. 1 Minute Side Plank
  4. 20 Superman
  5. Side Plank with 15 Dumbbell Flyes (on each side)
  6. Forearm Plank Series: Hold the plank for 15 seconds at each location:

3. Cardio Spine Cut Abs workout for teenage guys

Get your blood pump (and calories burned) with this great strength exercise.

cardio spine cut
Cardio Spine Cut

Do the next three rounds of the circuit. Take one minute between sets:

  1. 20 Skater Lunges
  2. 15- Mountain climbers
  3. 20- Bur pees
  4. 20, Knee-to-shoulder knees (sides)
  5. 1 minute side panels
  6. 20 Knee-to-Opponent-Shoulders with knees

4: Plank Variations Abs workout for teenage guys

Because holding on to a permanent arm farm is tedious and contradictory, most people lose form after a minute, causing pain in their back. This process keeps you moving so you continue to see results without back pain. Bonus: No equipment required.

Plank variations
 Plank variations

Make the following plank series twice, pausing between series:

  1. 15 Wooden rear arm with “Thread the Needle” (fold the upper arm back and back), on each side
  2. 10 Push ups on the Straight-arm Side Plank
  3. 1 Minute Side Plank
  4. Front panels with 20 toe pumps (do all 20 with one foot and switch sides)
  5. Forearm Plank with 20 Side-to-Side Hip Dips
  6. 20 Knee-to-Shoulder Knee-ins
  7. 20 Knee-to-Oppressive-Shoulder Knees#
  8. 15 Forearm Arm “Push the Needle”

5: Standing Abs workout for teenage guys

You don’t have to take all your basic work lying on the floor. Perform the following three rounds of circuit

Standing workout abs
Standing abs workout

20 Dumbbell Chops (on each side)
Plank with 20-Snee-ins (do it all on one side, hold 5 breaths, and switch)
Forward Members
8-legged squats with Dumbbell Lateral Raise (weight on the same side as the active leg), on each side
12 Dumbbell Overhead Press (hold one weight in both hands with bells), on each side
20 Dumbbell Swings (hold one metal with both hands; turn like a kettlebell)

Abs 6th Exercise: Bodyweight Exercise

Abs workout for teenage guys

No equipment? No problem. Do three rounds of this region:

Body weight exercises
 Bodyweight abs workout
  • Butterfly Kicking (performed on the back)
  • 20 crunches
  • 20 Russian twists
  • Elbow-to-Knee Crunches
  • Butterfly Situps (feet together, knees to side)
  • Side Drops Side-20 (back, knees bent at right angle)
  • 20 crunches
  • Butterfly Kicking (performed on the back)
  • Medicine Ball Pullover

Abs 7 Exercise: Anti-flexion exercise

This motivates you to work by forcing your body to withstand flexibility, making your spinal muscles stronger. Do three rounds of the following:

Anti flexion exercise
 Anti-flexion workout
  1. 20 Supermans
  2. Dumbbell Pullovers (you can also do this with a wooden ball, as shown)
  3. Cell Plant with 20 toe taps on each side (do all 20 with one foot, then switch)
  4. Side panels with 20 Pendulums of the leg (on each side)
  5. Crone Reverse Crunches (looking down, placing hands behind the head and raising the chest down, toes resting)
  6. Side Plank with 15 Dumbbell Flyes, each side
  7. 1 minute Prearm Plank
  8. 20 Supermans
  9. Bicycle crash

Abs 8 Exercise: V-Extensive Exercise V

V- extensive exercise V
V-Extensive Exercise V

The purpose of this: to create that deep V-expression on your abs. Perform the following three rounds of circuit:

  1. Height of Standing Alternative Legs (on each side)
  2. Supine Reverse Crunches with Overhead Dumbbell (hold the weight above ground, and lift your legs in the opposite direction)
  3. 20 Bike Crunches (make sure you stretch your legs completely)
  4. 10 embryos (hold briefly in place of wood)
  5. 20 Knee-to-Shoulder Knee-ins
  6. 20 Knee-to-Oppressive-Shoulder Knees

Abs Workout 9: 5 minutes abs region

That is, if you are short on time but not on motivation. Do the following three to five rounds:

5 minute abs region
 Rotational power workout

20 Dumbbell Pullovers
20 Bikes with Full Leg Extension
Forearm Plank with 20 Side-to-Side Hip Dips

Abs 10 Exercise: Rotational Energy Performance

Twisting – or, in fact, learning to control conflict – is a high-level but important step in developing basic strengths. After warming up, do two rounds of the following circuit:

Rotational Energy Performance
 Rotational power workout
  1. 8 Front Pads with Dumbbell Twist, (each side grabs a dumbbell from its weights and brings weight to the front knees)
  2. 12 Dumbbell Overhead Press with a twist (each side)
  3. 20 Rows of Dumbbell Renegade
  4. 10 Pushups on the Straight-arm Side Plank
  5. 15 The arm of the plank is “with a needle,” on each side
  6. Dumbbell Chops, each side
  7. Dumbbell Chops from side to side (loose legs, cut, then as you regain weight, pivot with feet 180 degrees before re-jumping)

Top 10 abs workouts for teenage guys to gain muscle:-

1. Barbell Floor Wiper

Barbell Floor Wiper
Barbell Floor Wiper
  • Lie on your back flat on the floor with your arms outstretched holding the bar above your chest.
  • To keep your arms straight raise your legs to a L-shaped position.
  • Lower your leg on each side and back down without touching the floor.

2. Medicine Ball Slam

Medicine Ball Slam abs workout
Medicine Ball Slam
  • Stand up on your knees and lift the medicine ball directly over your head with your arms outstretched.
  • Stand on the balls of your feet and use your main muscles to throw the ball down as you bend forward at the waist.
  • Catch the ball and repeat. Movement will not only train your abs but will also give you strong shoulders.

3. Side Jackknife

Side Jackknife Abs workout for men
Side Jackknife
  • Place your side with your left arm stretched out and your right arm bent over your head and licking your elbow.
  • Make sure your right leg is above your left.
  • Bring your right elbow to your left leg as you lift your body, enter into your contracts and slowly lower yourself before exchanging sides after returning

4. Dragon Flag : Abs workout for teenage guys

Dragon Flag Abs workout for men
Dragon Flag
  • Lie on the back of the bench with your hands holding the bench behind your head.
  • Bring your knees to your chest and kick to the ceiling, lifting your body with just shoulders on the bench.
  • Keep your body straight and as you go down slowly. You will not only feel burns on your abs but also on your lower back.

5. Woodchopper Cable

  • Place the cable machine on the highest point and stand next to the weights with your back to the machine.
  • Holding the handle with both hands take a step away from the tower and separate your feet from shoulder width.
  • Stretch your arms fully and pull the handle down and on your body as you rotate your body.
  • Bend your knees and tap your back foot and slowly return to the starting position, changing sides behind each set.

6. Cocoon- Abs workout for men (teenage guys)

  • Place the flat on your back and stretch your arms behind your head and your feet off the ground.
  • Pull your knees towards your chest, lift your back back and raise your arms over your head as you hit again and again.
 cocoon Abs workout for men

7. Sandbag Sit-Up : Abs workout for teenage guys

  • Lie on your back on the floor and kneel facing up.
  • Hold a sandbag over you with both outstretched arms and crunch forward as you close your interior so that your body makes a V-shape with your thighs.
  • Carefully lower it down and repeat.
Sandbag Sit-Up Abs workout

8.  Hanging Leg Raise : Abs workout for teenage guys

  • Hold the drag bar and make a V shape with your arms and lower yourself to a dead hang.
  • Bend your legs and lift your legs until they are exactly the same as your body while keeping them straight.
  • Slow down to the starting position.
 Hanging Leg Raise Abs workout
 Hanging Leg Raise

9. Superman With Twist

  • Lie on your stomach and put your hands on your head.
  • Lift your muscles and turn your chest to the other side.
  • This movement will not only point to your abs but also help to combat the terrible back pain.
Superman With A Twist Abs workout
Superman With A Twist

10. Dish Rocks : Abs workout for teenage guys

Dish Rocks Abs workout for men
Dish Rocks
  • Sit up straight and stretch your arms over your head
  • Lift your legs to make your body shape like a bowl.
  • Keep your body strong as you move around to strengthen your core.

3 Best Abs workout for teenage guys :-


  1. Although this function is a reversal of the standard v-up, do not underestimate its power.
  2. This exercise requires basic control, stability and will work your abs from top to bottom.
  3. Make sure your back is flat on the mat (the belly button pulls down) and you reach for your hands up to your toes.
ONE FIRE V-UP abs workout for men


ONE FIRE V-UP abs workout for men
  1. This strong plank variety will severely affect your contracts (side abs).
  2. Try to do this work in a slow and controlled way to get the best results.
  3. In addition, work on making your range of motion as large as possible: lower those buttocks down as much as possible without touching the floor and lift them as high as possible while giving yourself more pressure.

3. MOUNTAIN Climber

MOUNTAIN Climber abs workout for men
  1. Cardio and ab strengthening combined make mountaineering a great job to incorporate into your abs program.
  2. While these other two things should be done slowly and controlled, feel free to make mountain climbers faster and explode.
  3. However, make sure you keep the right form with your hands under your shoulders and shoulders, hips and feet in line.
  4. When this movement starts to burn (which will do), the common mistake of exercising is to lift those buttocks up and move the shoulders behind the hands to create a “V” upside down with the body – try to avoid this!

Kid & Teen Ab workout Exercises at home 🙂

Powerful 20 abs workout for teenage guys & Gym 2021

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FQA :- Abs workout for teenage guys

Q. how to get abs in a week for teenage guys?

It is very easy get abs using these workout for teenage guys to do at home
Do More Cardio.

Exercise Your Abdominal Muscles. The rectus abdominis is the long muscle that extends vertically along the
length of your abdomen.

Increase Your Protein Intake.

Try High-Intensity Interval Training.

Stay Hydrated.

Q. What are good ab workouts for teenagers?

A. Best abs workout for men

Cardio Spine Cut
Anti-flexion exercise
Barbell Floor Wiper
Dragon Flag

Q. What are the 3 best abs exercises?

A. Most popular 3 best abs exercises are

Anti-flexion exercise
Sandbag Sit-Up
Hanging Leg Raise

Q. How many times should we do abs workout?

A. IN a one week one time is enough for everyone. Use 5 to 6 different exercises for your abs

Q. How can a 15 year old boy build muscle?

A. Work out with resistance (weights, resistance bands, or body weight) about three times a week. Avoid weight training on back-to-back days. Do 2–3 sets of higher repetitions (8–15); No maximum lifts.

What are good ab workouts for teenagers?

Here are 8 simple ways to achieve six-pack abs quickly and safely.
Do More Cardio.
Exercise Your Abdominal Muscles.
Increase Your Protein Intake.
Try High-Intensity Interval Training.
Stay Hydrated.
Stop Eating Processed Food.
Cut Back on Refined Carbs.
Fill up on Fibre.

Do girls like abs?

In a (surprising) study conducted by Western Illinois University, women rated abs as the most painful muscle in the human body, reports ThePostGame.com. … And to be honest, it’s not that women are so deep.

Do girls like skinny guys?

Like men, girls are attracted to all kinds of construction for a boy. It all depends on the girl’s preference. … Many girls prefer fat boys than fat boys or boys with a ‘dad’ body. Girls realize that boys are naturally more lenient on the side and will always be less spoiled than boys who exercise.

Do girls like introverts?

Meanwhile, silent presentations often feel like they are ending in the back of the room. However, you do not have to be a permanent center of attention to attract attention! … Happily, women actually like men who import. The key is to understand why and then apply that knowledge in your life.

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