25 Healthy Food to eat during Pregnancy

25 Healthy Food to eat during Pregnancy
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Healthy food to eat during pregnancy is an important part and ensuring that your baby grows properly.

While pregnancy does not mean eating two much calorie intake should increase as you need to make sure you provide enough nutrition and energy for your baby to grow up healthy, and to keep your body strong enough to changes that are taking place inside you.

Eating a healthy diet becomes a very important issue for all pregnant women because of the baby and the mother herself. Besides all the nutrients, what you need for your baby’s growth and for you and you will need about 300 calories daily from the second trimester onwards.

Many women worry about how they will survive during the pregnancy and the thought of losing “baby weight” after childbirth is really worrying, but the first thing you should worry about is eating a healthy diet. Get Ready to know Best 25 Healthy Food to eat during Pregnancy.

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When building your healthy eating plan, you will want to focus on a healthy diet that gives you the maximum amount of good stuff:)

  • protein
  • vitamins and minerals
  • healthy fats
  • complex carbohydrates
  • fiber and fluid

Are you wondering what to eat during pregnancy to make your baby intelligent? Here are 25 Healthy food to eat during pregnancy that helps you hitting those nutrient goals.

25 Healthy Food every women should eat during Pregnancy 🙂

 1. Avocados During pregnancy

25 Healthy Food to eat during Pregnancy
Avocados During pregnancy

Avocado is a rare fruit because it contains a lot of monounsaturated acids. This makes them taste buttery and richer – ready to add depth and cream to the dish.

They have high levels of fiber, B vitamins (especially folate), vitamin K, potassium, copper, vitamin E, and vitamin C.

Due to its high content of healthy fats, folate, and potassium, avocados are a good choice during pregnancy (and often).

2.  Dried fruit During pregnancy

25 Healthy Food to eat during Pregnancy

Dried fruits are usually high in calories, fiber, and various vitamins and minerals. One slice of dried fruit contains the same amount of nutrients as fresh fruit, without all the water and in very small amounts.

A single dried fruit diet can provide a high percentage of recommended foods for many vitamins and minerals, including folate, iron and potassium.

Prunes are rich in fiber, potassium, and vitamin K. They are natural remedies and can be very helpful in eliminating constipation. The dates are high in fiber, potassium, iron, and plant nutrients.

However, dried fruits contain high levels of natural sugar. Be sure to avoid candied varieties, which contain a lot of sugar.

3. Fish liver oil During pregnancy

25 Healthy Food to eat during Pregnancy
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Fish liver oil is made from the oily liver of fish, most commonly cod. It is rich in omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA, which are essential for the brain and eye growth.

Adding fish oil can help prevent premature delivery and can benefit fetal eye growth.

Fish liver oil is also very high in vitamin D, which many people do not get enough of. It can be very beneficial for those who do not regularly eat seafood or add omega-3 or vitamin D.

One meal (1 teaspoon or 15 millilitres) of fish liver oil provides more than the daily recommended omega-3, vitamin D, and vitamin A.

4. Water During pregnancy

25 Healthy Food to eat during Pregnancy
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Every human’s body need water to be hydrated. And especially pregnant women’s. During pregnancy, blood volume rises by about 45 percent.

Your body will supply hydration to your baby, but if you don’t watch your drinking, you may become dehydrated.

Symptoms of mild weight loss include headaches, anxiety, fatigue, poor mood, and reduced memory.

Increasing your water intake can help reduce constipation and reduce the risk of urinary tract infections, which are most common during pregnancy.

5. Whole Grains During pregnancy

Whole Grains During pregnancy
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Unlike their refined counterparts, whole grains are rich in fiber, vitamins, and plant extracts. Think oats, quinoa, brown rice, wheat berries and barley instead of white bread, pasta and white rice.

Some whole grains, such as oats and quinoa, also have the right amount of protein. They also hit a few buttons that are often lacking in pregnant women: B vitamins, fiber, and magnesium.

There are many ways to add whole grains to any meal, but we especially like this quinoa and a bowl of fried potatoes.

6. Dairy products During pregnancy

Dairy products During pregnancy
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During pregnancy, you need to use a lot of protein and calcium to meet the needs of your growing baby. Dairy products such as milk, cheese, and yoghurt should fulfil all your requirement.

Dairy products contain two types of high-protein protein: casein and whey. Milk is an excellent source of calcium, and it provides high levels of phosphorus, B vitamins, magnesium and zinc.

Yogurt, especially Greek yoghurt, contains more calcium than many other dairy products and is especially beneficial. Some species contain a bacterial probiotic, which supports digestive health.

7.  Sweet potatoes During pregnancy

Sweet potatoes During pregnancy
IMAGE CREDIT :Sweet potatoes During pregnancy

Sweet potato is not only a delicious food cooked in a thousand ways, and it is rich in beta carotene, a plant nutrient that is converted into vitamin A in your body.

Vitamin A is essential for a child’s development. Just look at the animal’s excessive sources of vitamin A, such as organ meat, which can cause toxicity in high amounts.

Happily, sweet potatoes are a perfect source of beta carotene and fiber. Fiber keeps you hydrated for a long time, reduces blood sugar spikes, and improves digestive health (which can really help if that diarrhea is severe).

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Healthy Food to eat during pregnancy to make baby smart 🙂

Foods to eat during pregnancy to make baby smart

8. Green leafy vegetables During pregnancy

Green leafy vegetables During pregnancy
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From spinach and lentils to folic acid-rich leafy vegetables, eating raw vegetables and certain pulses is important because it helps keep your baby’s brain protected from tissue damage. Folic acid in vegetables is also known to reduce the risk of neural bone defects, remove cleft lip and various heart problems in children. You also reduce the risk of preeclampsia during pregnancy when you make sure to keep your diet or folic acid-rich supplements.

9. Blueberries During pregnancy

Blueberries Healthy Food to eat during Pregnancy
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Blueberries are rich in antioxidant foods that will help your child’s mental development. Other varieties of blueberries are strawberries, raspberries, berries, tomatoes, beans and artichokes.

10. Eggs During pregnancy

EGG  Healthy Food to eat during Pregnancy
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Eggs are high in protein and low in calories, especially boiled eggs. They contain an amino acid called choline that has been proven to help the brain grow and improve memory as well. Also, be sure to protect the eggs that are not contaminated because they contain bacteria that can cause problems.

11. Almonds During pregnancy

Almonds Healthy Food to eat during Pregnancy
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Almonds are loaded with healthy fats, magnesium, Vitamin E, and protein. Omega-3 fatty acids that enrich the brain are found in almonds. Daily almond cuts are recommended to give birth to sensible babies right from the start.

Eating peanuts during pregnancy can also help the baby develop his or her intelligence; walnuts are rich in healthy omega-3 fatty acids.

12. Beans During pregnancy

Beans 25 Healthy Food to eat during Pregnancy

Iron is needed in the body to carry oxygen to the nerve cells in the baby’s brain. Beans contain good iron, which is why pregnant mothers are recommended to supplement their diet.

Other iron-rich foods that should be added to your diet are spinach, figs, chicken, and dried grapes. Eat dried in moderation to keep your blood sugar levels under control.

Healthy food to eat during pregnancy

What healthy food to eat when pregnant: first trimester during pregnancy 🙂

Excellent healthy food eat during first trimester pregnancy 🙂

Nutritionists recommend the following foods especially because they are rich sources of vitamins, minerals and macronutrients your body (and your baby’s growing body) need to thrive.

13. Edamame During pregnancy

These soybeans are rich in vegetable proteins, as well as calcium, iron, and folate.

14. Yogurt During pregnancy

The calcium and protein per cup (choose a variety with a short list of ingredients and a few extra sugars).

15. Bananas During pregnancy

Bland enough to taste on a dark stomach, bananas are among the best sources of potassium.

16. Beans and creators During pregnancy

Iron, folate, protein and fiber are all hidden within these powerful but powerful energy sources.

17. Lean meat During pregnancy

A good source of iron and protein, well-cooked meat such as sirloin or chuck steak, pork, turkey and chicken provide all the amino acids that act as cellular components.

Healthy Vegetables to eat during pregnancy 🙂

Healthy Vegetables to eat during pregnancy
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18. Beetroot – Beetroots are rich in vitamins and fiber. They also help to strengthen the immune system.

19. Bell Pepper – It has a lot of vitamins and dietary fiber.

20. Green peas – Rich in Vitamin C and K, as well as fiber.

21. Broccoli – High in Vitamin C, K, and Folate, and helps reduce constipation.

22. Parsley – High in protein, Vitamin E, and riboflavin.

23.Tomatoes – Rich in Vitamin C and K and biotin.

24. Sweet Potatoes – These are excellent sources of Vitamins A, B, and C.

25. Vegetables with dark leaves – High fiber, carotenoids, and folate.

Delicious Recipes of Healthy food to eat women’s during the pregnancy 🙂

Delicious Recipes of Healthy food to eat women’s during the pregnancy

Which is the right amount of calories for pregnant women:)

If you are pregnant it doesn’t mean you need to eat twice as much food.

  • First trimester (first 12 weeks) – Most women don’t need any extra calories.
  • Second trimester (13 to 26 weeks) – Most women need about 340 extra calories a day.
  • Last trimester (after 26 weeks) – Most women need about 450 extra calories a day.

For More Ask your doctor or know how many calories you need during pregnancy.

Pregnancy diet chart month by month 🙂

Pregnancy diet chart month by month

10 Pregnancy super HEALTHY foods to eat during pregnancy video 🙂

10 Pregnancy super HEALTHY foods to eat during pregnancy video

Things to avoid during pregnancy that cause miscarriage:)

Things to avoid during pregnancy that cause miscarriage
Things to avoid during pregnancy that cause miscarriage

Pregnancy guide: A slight negligence and carelessness can affect the mother as well as the infant. Let us know some similar things here to know what things to avoid during pregnancy that causes miscarriage at all.

Keep these things in mind that it is important to change your food and drink from the very first month. For this, keep a few things in the beginning by asking the doctor or any elder in your house.

So let us know some such Things to avoid during pregnancy that cause miscarriage. What to do can cause harm to you and your baby. So change these habits.

What things every women should avoid during pregnancy that causes miscarriage 🙂

1. Habit of eating too much food 🙂

If you think that by eating more of your food, the child will be healthy, then this thinking is not right for you. Overeating many times with high blood pressure suddenly increases the level of sugar in the blood.

In addition, the amount of protein in urine also increases many times. Sometimes swelling starts in hands and feet. If this happens in the initial month, then it can create problems for the future.

2. Sleep on the stomach 🙂

Sleep on the stomach
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If you have a habit of sleeping on your stomach then you have to change it. Mostly you sleep on the side.

Immediately change the habit of sleeping on your stomach as soon as you know about pregnancy. Sleeping on the back can also be done, but sleeping on the side is considered better.

3. Sleep less or avoid sleeping 🙂

Sleep less or avoid sleeping
IMAGE CREDIT :Oklahoma Otolaryngology Associates

Feeling sleepy but you can’t sleep because of your work. This can happen on normal days but not in pregnancy. Because your baby is active during your sleep. It is very important for his growth that he should also move his hands and feet. Less sleep also causes restlessness, headaches and many other problems.

4. Wear heel sandals 🙂

Wear heel sandals

From the very first month you come to the flat. Remove the heel at all. If you want, wear shoes. Wear whatever is comfortable to walk.

5. Used to wear fitting suit 🙂

Never wear a fitting suit in pregnancy. Do not do any work that causes pressure on the stomach or tightness on the stomach.

Carry loose and comfortable dress only. If you go to office, then you should carry a long frock or suit. Special design clothes are available in the market for wearing in pregnancy, Wear them.

6. Taking beauty treatment 🙂

Taking beauty treatment
Taking beauty treatment

Getting beauty treatment in pregnancy is also sometimes not right. Skin becomes very sensitive during pregnancy. Facials or any other treatment often causes acne or rashes. Nothing like laser treatment should be taken.

7. Music or songs distance 🙂

Music or songs distance
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This is the time when you kids can put some things inborn. A good development requires that the mother listen to music and songs and enjoy it.

8. Acupuncture and massage During Pregnancy 🙂

Acupuncture and massage During Pregnancy

While other complementary therapies, such as Acupuncture and massage, are generally considered safe during pregnancy, there are still times during pregnancy when they should not be used. For example, your abdomen should not be massaged during the first three months of pregnancy.

It is usually safe to get acupuncture when you are pregnant. You should seek out a qualified acupuncturist with several experienced training with pregnant women.

Tell your acupuncturist that you are pregnant because some acupuncture points cannot be used safely during pregnancy.

If you are thinking of using complementary therapies, it is important to tell your doctor or midwife. If you decide to use complementary therapies, you should always consult a qualified physician registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (APHRA).

9. Exercise during pregnancy 🙂

Exercise during pregnancy
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It is good to work and stay healthy during pregnancy, but check with your midwife or doctor first to make sure there are no health problems that prevent you from exercising.

If there are no problems, try to do some moderate exercise, such as walking or swimming, most days of the week.

Regular exercise can:

  • help you maintain a healthy weight
  • help you relax
  • it helps you to be strong and healthy – good to deal with pregnancy, childbirth and parenting
  • helps to reduce discomfort such as back pain and varicose veins affecting some pregnant women

10. Alcohol


There is no safe level of alcohol during pregnancy. Whether you are planning to become pregnant, pregnant or breastfeeding, not drinking is the safest way because alcohol can harm your unborn baby.

11. X-rays


If possible, you should avoid getting an x-ray while you are pregnant. Your healthcare professional will check if your treatment can wait until you have your baby.

They will examine whether the benefits of treatment outweigh the risks of having an x-ray. They may also consider using alternative imaging techniques, such as ultrasound scanning.

Risks from x-ray radiation are related to the stage of pregnancy in which exposure is obtained and the amount of dose reached by the baby. There is a lower risk of birth defects and problems with physical and mental development.

People also ask 🙂

Q. How can I eat healthy while pregnant?

Eating healthy means following a healthy eating diet that includes a variety of foods and nutritious drinks.

Eat a healthy of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, milk -dairy products, and protein foods.
Choose foods and beverages with added sugar, saturated fat, and sodium (salt)

Q. Which fruit is good for pregnancy?

healthy fruits you should eat during pregnancy

1. Oranges
2. Mangoes.
3. Avocados
4. Lemons.
6. Berries.
7. Apples

Q. Is banana good for pregnancy?

Bananas should be at the top of your list and should not be eaten during pregnancy. They are rich in carbohydrates and will give you much-needed energy during this time.

Bananas are very healthy for those women who suffer from anemia, as they provide good energy for haemoglobin levels.

Q. What foods should pregnant avoid?

Yes all food are not for eating some food are harmful for pregnant women’s.

Here are the list of food every women’s should avoid during pregnancy
1. mercury fish
2. organ meat
3. caffeine
4. Alcohol
5. Fenugreek Laddoo
learn more visit : food avoid during pregnancy

Q. What should not be eaten during first trimester of pregnancy?

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