How to protect yourself from corona virus-COVID -19

how to protect yourself from corona virus
how to protect yourself from corona virus

Due to the Corona virus, there have been extensive changes in our lives. It has had an impact not only on our personal life but also on our relationships.

But in this era of epidemic, we have all kinds of information, suggestions and advice for how to protect and protect yourself and how to protect yourself.

But is every advice beneficial for you? Not necessary. These are some tips that can prove to be beneficial for you.

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How do I protect myself?

How do I protect myself?
How do I protect myself?

According to the World Health Organisation, the most basic and important way to protect yourself from the corona virus is to stay clean.

Cleanliness is the most important thing to keep in mind.

Wash your hands from time to time. Wash hands with soap and water from time to time. Or you can also use an alcohol based sanitizer

. Apply the sanitizer well on your hands. If the virus is present on your hand, then it will be finished.

How can we stop the virus from spreading?

How can we stop the virus from spreading
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Avoid touching your eyes, avoid putting hands on nose and mouth as well. We touch many surfaces with our hands and during this time it is possible that the virus sticks in our hands.

If we touch our nose, mouth and eyes at the same stage then the chances of the virus entering the body increases.

If you are sneezing or coughing, then keep the tissue in front of your mouth and if you do not have the tissue at that time, then push your hand in front of the elbow or cough it.

If you have used any tissue, dispose it as soon as possible. If you do not do this, then the viruses present in it can also infect others.

This is the reason that people are being asked to follow the rules of social distancing. People have been advised to stay at least two meters away from each other under social distancing.

Apart from this, people have been advised in many places that they should stay in their homes and do not leave the house unless it is very important. So that infected people can be prevented from coming in contact.

Along with all this, the World Health Organization said that it is very important that people abstain from doing handshakes and instead use ‘safe-greeting’ like namaste or elbow use or other way of greeting.

Are Gloves and Masks Effective?

Are Gloves and Masks Effective
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If you use a mask that is very simple and that you bought from the super market, then it will not be helpful for you. This is because these masks are very loose and this does not provide protection to the eyes. Also, they cannot be used for a very long time.

However, if many infected person sneezes in front, then it definitely proves helpful in that case.

It is necessary to remember here that out of all the cases of corona virus reported so far, many of them have such symptoms in which the infected people did not show any symptoms but when tested they were found positive. There is no harm if you use a mask.

According to the World Health Organisation, if you use Gloves, there is no guarantee that you will survive the corona virus. But the other side of it is also that touching the face with bare hands can prove to be dangerous.

The World Health Organisation says that washing hands daily with soap is far safer and more effective than Gloves.

How do I know if I get an infection?

How do I know if I get an infection
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The main symptoms of Corona virus infection are fever and dry cough. If you see both these symptoms then of course you need to be careful.

Apart from this, symptoms like sore throat, headaches, diarrhea have also been found in some cases. In some cases, people have complained that the taste of their mouth has also gone away. Some have also complained of not smelling it.

Although in many cases, no signs of corona infection have been seen in patients.

What should I do if I see symptoms?

According to the World Health Organization, if you find yourself experiencing such symptoms, then stay at home. Even if the symptoms are very less, stay at home till completely cured.

Remember, in 80% of the cases of Covid 19, the symptoms of infection were very less. In such a situation, it is important to keep in mind that you should avoid contacting others.

If fever and cough are constantly increasing and there is difficulty in breathing, now you need to seek medical advice. It may be due to corona infection or not.

Keep in touch with the person who already provides your health care. So that you can get the right treatment and advice at the right time.

how to protect yourself from corona virus

How dangerous is Covid 19?

How dangerous is Covid 19?
How dangerous is Covid 19?

According to a new research published in the medical journal The Lancet Infectious Disease, only 0.66 percent of the people in Covid 19 are expected to die.

This is only 0.1% higher than normal flu deaths.

But it becomes important to mention here that till now we only know the same cases of death which have happened in the hospital. There is every possibility that the death toll is higher than this, in which case it is a little difficult to say exactly.

Estimating the death rate during an epidemic is a bit difficult because there is a considerable time difference between infection and death.

Will any treatment be possible? ( protect from corona virus )

protect from corona virus
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Currently, no specific drug nor vaccine has been prepared for the protect form corona virus.

There are treatment options, but most people recover on their own.

Scientists from all over the world are trying to devise a vaccine for this virus, but they will be tried now and only then something will be clear somewhere but it will take time.

How to maintain your mental health better during this pandemic?

There is not even a little doubt that mental stress can occur in this phase of the epidemic.

Maybe you are feeling restless, you are feeling tense, upset, sad, feeling lonely.

For this, the British National Health Service has given ten tips, so that you can maintain your mental state better.

  • Stay in touch with your friends and family through phone, video call or social media.
  • Keep talking about the things that are causing you problems.
  • Try to understand other people as well.
  • Plan your new routine in a practical way.
  • Take care of your body. Take care of regular exercise and eating.

Wherever you are taking information from, it should be credible source and do not read too much about this epidemic.

  • Keep your behavior under your control.

Take full care of your entertainment as well.

  • Focus on the present and remember that this time is not permanent.
  • Do not let your sleep be interrupted in any way

FQA :-

Q. Can COVID-19 enter into the body by the hands?

Hands touch too many places and can quickly pick up germs. Hands are dirty, hands can transmit the virus to your face, from where the virus enters your body, making you feel unwell.

Q. Can the corona virus survive on surfaces?

It is uncertain how long the virus that causes COVID-19 lives in the upper regions, but it seems to behave like other corona viruses. A recent review of the survival of human corona viruses in areas that found significant variability, ranging from 2 hours to 9 (11) days.

Survival time depends on a number of factors, including the type of environment, temperature, relative humidity, and the type of virus.

Q. Can the COVID-19 survive in drinking water?

Currently, there is no evidence about the survival of the COVID-19 virus in drinking-water or sewage.

Q. How can I protect myself and others from getting COVID-19?

In this article you learn how to protect yourself from corona virus .

Q. Are COVID-19 Vaccine Side Effects a good sign?

The vaccines can cause side effects, like tiredness, achiness, and fever, but the vast majority last only a day or two and aren’t serious or dangerous. Side effects are actually normal signs that the vaccine is working and your body is building protection.