35 Best Hairstyle for men indian (2021)

Best Hairstyle for men indian

Hairstyle for men Indian boys know the latest hairstyles and hairstyles are no different from western cultures. When it comes to men’s hair, one has to be very careful and go with a style that will suit their facial features.

If you are an Indian man, you may have struggled to find a good list of hair styles that fit your hair. Of course, Indian boys can be very aggressive towards Asian hairdressers, but it is still a trick to get Indian haircut tips directly.

One of the first steps in choosing a hairstyle is to know the shape of your face. Your hair should compliment your face to emphasize your best features.

Now it is true that just looking in the mirror may not reveal the shape of your face so the best way to do it is to consult a hairdresser and in case you are reluctant to do so, there are various apps that can help you find your face. Technology in your rescue too.

In case you are still confused, we are here to help you to find best hairstyle for men indian.

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Watch this video Best Hairstyle for men indian 🙂

Watch this video Best Hairstyle for men indian

35 Best Hairstyle for men indian with images 🙂

1. Faded Sides With Spikes haircut

Faded Sides With Spikes
Image credit : STARBIZ
  • Look slim and stylish with quirky pixels and blurred sides.
  • It is a low-cost haircut that does not require many products because of its very short length.
  • All you have to do is wash your hair and comb it all over your head. Voila! You’re done.
  • Indian boys can look good with these modern hairstyles.

2. Sleek Side Swept Quiff haircut

Sleek Side Swept Quiff haircut
Sleek Side Swept Quiff haircut
Image credit : Bird stone
  • If your personal style relies heavily on the preppy and fashion side then this hairstyle is a great option for you.
  • This hairstyle gives you a popular and fun appeal that no one will be able to resist.
  • Use a little gel to give your hair a wet look and lock it in place.

3. Buzz Cut with Beard haircut

 Buzz Cut with Beard haircut
Buzz Cut with Beard haircut
Image credit : Mensxp
  • If you are tired of making your hair stylish every morning then it is time for a buzz cut.
  • Buzz haircuts are a common haircut seen among Indian boys of all ages.
  • It’s a very low maintenance head that you can paddle everywhere.
  • From work to parties to weddings, this hairstyle will easily find you the events and moments of your life.

4. Sun Kissed Quiff haircut

Sun Kissed Quiff haircut
Sun Kissed Quiff haircut
Image credit : STARBIZ

Who said men can’t dye their hair openly? A sun-kissed effect on your quiff will make you look like the most popular supermodel in the industry. These Indian hairstyles for young boys can instantly add splendor and style to their look without overdoing it.

5. FRINGE UP haircut Hairstyle for men indian

FRINGE UP haircut
  • Great headband when you meet your girlfriend’s parents.
  • This looks different and adds to your cuteness quotient. You want to get rid of something called “neighbor boy” – this should be the movement of your head.
  • I just mean to remember the look of Ranbir Kapoor from Jagga Jasoos. Who doesn’t want to look their best?


Image credit : JanBharat times

Who said the hem is just for women? Look at Emran Hashmi shaking her hair. If you happen to have straight, shiny locks, this hairstyle is probably the best way to highlight yourself.

7. INDIAN CURLS haircut Hairstyle for men indian

Image credit : style at life

In addition to having thick hair, many Indian men also have curly hair. There are many beautiful curly hair of Indian men, and this is just one of them. It’s a simple mop look at the top where the hair is neatly styled almost to the afro.

The hair is kept fairly round all around with a balanced look that truly exudes the natural texture of the hair.

This style blends well with facial hair. In general, it will look great with short facial hair, as that will contrast with the larger mop.

8. MAN BUN Hairstyle for men indian

MAN BUN haircut
MAN BUN haircut
Image credit ; Mensxp

When we talk about the long hair of Indian men, we have to say the man’s belt. Indian boys can pull off a man’s belt very well. And when you pair a banana with a full beard, the results say nothing.

9. BRUSH UP Hairstyle for men indian

BRUSH UP haircut
BRUSH UP haircut

We have found that Indian hair is ready to be sewn, so it is not surprising that you can get many textures in one style. One such style is this molded brush with three distinct features.
There’s a nearly spiky part on the left, a swooped part on the right, and a fuzzy taper on the sides. Each part has its own texture, and together, it creates a unique vibe.

It is not uncommon to see a hairstyle with so many elements, and as a result, this easily puts them in the crowd. You can get more texture by using a high fade that separates the sides into two different structures.

This will require a certain style to look good, but the results are definitely worth the few minutes you will have to spend in front of the mirror.

 9. Shaggy Cut haircut Hairstyle for men indian

Shaggy Cut haircut
Shaggy Cut haircut
  • Although it may look somewhat unclean, shaggy hair is a la la mode.
  • Some cooling goes hand in hand with this hairstyle that keeps the hair deliberately from getting into place.
  • This type of hair not only resists culture but also spirit. The shaggy plant challenges the rules of assembly, thinking outside the box of brushed hair.
  • It offers a sleek, fashionable and modern look. Need a trial? Hollywood’s Penn Penn shows the right way to wear this hairstyle.
  • Wearing her tights tucked in some way, Kal created an artist’s image, with a less focused model, yet not a style that looks too young. Anyone who needs to challenge tradition and press an envelope should opt for a hot cut.

10. Combed Back haircut Hairstyle for men indian

Combed Back haircut
Combed Back haircut
Image credit : Best hair looks

This hairstyle is still one of the oldest and most popular hairstyles and is back in fashion to be the cool style of modern men.

This haledo style made of gelled and brush is an excellent and durable style. Suitable for both young and mature men with large foreheads. And it gives a good look throughout. All you have to do is apply some pomade to give it a smooth look.

  • This good looks are known to men under 40 years of age.
  • In case you have a round or oval face you can look swollen here with any hair type.
  • Include it with your own clothes.
  • In addition, you can attend any events or gatherings or family events with this theme.
  • Summer is the best time for this hairstyle.

11.The Straight Shag Hairstyle for men indian

The Straight Shag haircut
The Straight Shag haircut
Image credit : BBLUNT

This look is well-received by many celebrities such as Shahid Kapoor, a famous Indian actor. This look emphasizes the jaw and makes our face look attractive.

You will need long shoulder hair for this look. Previously, a lot of hair would fall out illegally on your forehead. In the background, these hairs will play the middle layers. It would be a great hairstyle for Indian boys.

  • This hairstyle is very beautiful and suitable for Indian boys.
  • Summer is the perfect time for this style.
  • It can be paired with casual T-shirts and jeans in casual outfits.
  • One can completely remove this with silk hair and any type of face.

12. The Shaggy Cropped Hairstyle haircut

The Shaggy Cropped Hairstyle haircut
The Shaggy Cropped Hairstyle haircut
Image credit : Menshaircutstyle

Hairstyles for Indian boys with medium hair will suit this look. The length of the hair will reflect the growing image. This hairstyle looks messy and is currently played by many celebrities in India. The look will reflect your playful nature and will also give your hair a professional and smooth touch.

It is beautiful among the short hair Hairstyle for men indian.

  • It is great for all seasons and is best suited for young boys.
  • Good for formal or casual outfits. Hairstyles are those that can suit formal events and meetings or even a regular visit.
  • Suitable for those with diamond-shaped faces and straight hair.

 13.UNDERCUT Hairstyle for men indian

UNDERCUT haircut
UNDERCUT haircut

Short on the sides, faded and uncluttered, and the high volume at the top gives these hair extensions a remarkable presence in the crowd. Its diversity appeals to the irrational personality.

  • This is a very versatile hairstyle that can be pulled back, pulled out from the side, lifted, or pulled back to look clean. This hairstyle is for those who want to choose a hairstyle that is not for everyone.
  • This moderate haircut will suit most Indian boys.
  • And This is in the process given to the men of the fashion industry who follow this.
  • It gives the boy an appeal to the face and leads the way among children’s hair trends.
  • And this hairstyle will look great on men with straight hair and look attractive as the hair falls out.

14. Straight  Hairstyle for men indian

 Straight  haircut
Straight  haircut
Image credit ; The Y Chromosome
  • This style is best for young boys under 20.
  • It is suitable for casual wear such as T-shirts and jeans, and one can go to parties or outings with friends.
  • A diamond-shaped or oval face with straight hair is best for this hair.
  • Monsoon or winter seasons are the best times to try this hairstyle.

15.  BUZZ CUT Hairstyle for men indian

 BUZZ CUT haircut
 BUZZ CUT haircut
Image credit : All rounder m


Image credit : The Y chromosome

A small taper on each side and a small side of the spike trim from above will give you this just-woke-up hairstyle on the very head and at the same time very professional.

With a shaved beard, this does not allow you to appear as if you are actually asleep.

Take this different spirit with you wherever you go with this head. This highlights the kind of calm and cool person.

This falls into the Long Side Swept hair section. Works best with curly and straight hair. Or, for curly hair, this looks great as it requires a certain texture to stand out from its long length.

This will not require much attention from you to maintain your appearance and can add to your happy romantic personality. Go to the extreme extreme and let your silky hair grow.

17. Curly Shag Hairstyle for men indian

 Curly Shag haircut
Curly Shag haircut
Image credit : Teahub.io

Choose these beautiful and unusual Indian hairstyles every day. It is ideal for men with a square or long face as it removes hair from the face and makes it look stand out.

18. Braided Rows Hairstyle for men indian

Braided Rows haircut
Braided Rows haircut
Image credit : cool men’s hair

A slashing head of Indian boys. In recent years, men have been more attracted to the look of necklaces than ever before. This knit bun will definitely give you your modern but masculine look you want.

Never look dull or boring because of your hair as these Indian boys hairstyles and hairstyles will revive your look in an instant.

There are so many haircuts now that there is something for everyone out there. All of this boys’ unruly hair has been played by various Indian celebrities with confidence. So, what are you waiting for?

Quickly visit the salon nearest to your hair and ask for a haircut that can change your overall look.

19. The Caramelized Boho haircut

 The Caramelized Boho haircut
The Caramelized Boho haircut
Image crdit : starbiz

Stand out from the crowd with this brightly colored, wispy caramel head. Come on in, take a look and enjoy yourself! With this head, no one will be able to take your eyes off you, bet!

20. Natural Wave Hairstyle for men indian

Natural Wave haircut
Natural Wave haircut
Image credit : Ring my fashion

Give your hair a natural wave with the help of certain style tools and hair products. Sports these are natural beach waves for any event or event you want. It is one of the most sought after hairstyles worldwide.

How Can You Make Your Hair Straight?

  • Make a thick paste with mixed coconut milk or water and apply the paste three days a week. This helps keep your hair soft, free of cold, and straight.
  • Add two and a half eggs to a cup of olive oil and grease twice a week for one hour and rinse gently. This leaves your hair silly and makes it easier to keep it straight.
  • Honey is a moisturizer and can enhance the natural beauty of your hair. Put two tablespoons of honey in a cup of cow’s milk and apply the mixture on your head using your fingers. This combination makes your hair soft and easy to manage.
  • Make a puree with at least 3 celery leaves. Drain the juice from the puree by straining it with a cheesecloth. Apply the juice to your hair and let it rest for at least an hour. Rinse with warm water.

Best Hairstyle for silky hair Male Indian 🙂

Best Hairstyle for silky hair Male Indian

Hairstyle for silky hair Male Indian :

21. Cropped Fringe with Skin Fade

Image credit : Mens hairstyle world

This interesting style gives you a look you would never think you could remove.

  • Although the length of the hair is short in this style, it is noticeably attractive when done in straight hair.
  • Let your sides and back end up on the skin as you descend from the top.
  • Keep the top short but large and cut the hem at the front.
  • You can make it even more attractive by giving the first parting from the temple and extending the crown.

22. Fade Straight Cut

Image credit : Haircut inspiration

The fade cut is very good looking because of its performance.

  • Men with straight hair can use this style to give themselves a big change.
  • You will be cutting down the sides and back using lumps to give the end of the uniform.
  • The flat-top lifts your straight hair in the best way and makes it more attractive with a well-groomed beard.

23. Long and Straight Hairstyle

Image credit : Eazy Glam

This is the best example of how long straight hair can enhance your beauty.

  • Keep your hair healthy and strong as it needs all the help to grow straight to the shoulders.
  • Be sure to wash your hair regularly but in moderation using shampoo.
  • Give your hair the right moisture through a good quality conditioner. After regular washing, dry your hair with a blow dryer until wet. Then gently squeeze into the desired shape.
  • Keep hair extensions clean and sharp to look your best.

24 . Slicked Back with Long Quiff

Image credit : MachoHairstyles

This style is a great combination of classic slick back and interesting quiff. For this, you need to keep your side hair low compared to excess hair.

  • After, however, you need to select a section and below that, you need to cut the hair to elevate that selected part.
  • With this, you will have a beautiful head when viewed from the side.
  • Make sure the sides are still tight while the long top hair is combed back. Use a high quality hair mousse to make a stand-up bag.
  • The payout should be longer than anywhere else so cut the hair down the back properly.
  • Let the lump fall to the side above the temples.

25. Double Tap Slicked Back hair

  • There are several variations in this style. You can go for a formal yet fun look or a completely fun look.
  • Men with straight hair can get this last one in a different way so we suggest you try it at least once.
  • Give tapering to the sides and give back a slight drop.
  • Keep the hair at the top thick and long.
  • Provide a split cut on the reverse side. Give some split ends near your long hair longer. Apply a hair mousse or hair gel and give off interesting long spikes.
  • Adjust the edges a bit to look your best as your hair stretches.

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Best Hairstyle for men Indian videos
Best Hairstyle for men Indian videos

Best Hairstyle for men Indian videos

Best Hairstyle for men Indian videos

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